Rolling Renegade

Advanced Symmetrical Platformer

Rolling Renegade is an advanced 2d platformer game. It has been created with the aim of evolving 2d platforming controls towards it abstract ideal. It looks rather unspectacular but if the last year of my life has not been an utter waste it will not feel unspectacular to play. I have created it using principles I learned from game design particularly from the book Game Feel and from the study of great platformers, particularly Super Meat Boy and N++.

I envision the game as the ultimate test of 2d platforming skills, the game is not made for the casual player and requires an intense attention to control correctly as I have made them as expressive as possible hence slight changes in input can lead to large changes in outcome.

Controlled correctly you can whizz around the game at super speeds with ease, controlled incorrectly and you will struggle to make a simple jump. All movement is linked with physics and momentum and is symmetrical to 360 degrees. The Player can travel on all angles of platforms and the input required to move is rotated with the angle of the platform. The player can attack and jump in all directions.

I have tried to make a completely intuitive natural mapping between every action of the player and the controls. The controls are deep to allow as much freedom of choice in how to proceed as possible. I want the player to feel directly responsible for every action the player makes. This can make certain movements difficult to control such as rebound jumps and precise attack movements, but this allows room for mastery.

This may seem grandiose but my aim is to make the best 2d platformer of all time in terms of player movement. However, I realise that this bar is set very high and the game requires a lot of refinement, polish and reworking to reach this goal so if you have any opinions, thoughts, suggestions or critiques I would love to hear from you.

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The game is an attempt to discover the abstract movement ideal in a 2d world and to try and create an artifact which represents this ideal.


Background information of development of the game


Read about how the game is deeply inspired by great platformers which have come before it.


I created the game based on the principles I judged would lead to great movement.


Learn about the mechanics of the game.


The Game is


Find out about the world which the game takes place


Read about the richly detailed and relatable characters which bring this game to life.

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