Developer : Quantum Recursion

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Launch : March 14th 2021

Platforms : PC, Mac. (Hopefully console and maybe mobile devices in future)

Demo :



Rolling Renegade is the game and in it you control a Circle with super symmetrical controls.

You can jump, dash, bounce, spin, rotate and roll in in any direction over any angle of platform. Have complete Control over the ultimate 2d shape.

All the movement of the player works together naturally to help you move through the world with skill and speed. Find out how it would feel to be the ultimate 2d lifeform. Rolling at high speeds. With complete control over the player and game game, play as you like. 

I have made a demo with 20 levels to allow people to play it. It has partially procedural levels that allows you to control the difficulty and gives replayability.

Play Rolling Renegade Demo 




I started working on the first version of the game in 2015 as a iPhone platformer with swiping controls using xcode and sprite kit.

I started the project while learning to code with the intent of it being a quick learning project.

As a big fan of super meat boy I decided to just try and make a game with a similar level of controls as not many platformers seemed to have controls on that level.

But then I got obsessed with the idea of trying to make the controls as good as possible so I have experimented, restarted and changed the project for years.

I moved over to unity and decided to design the controls for a joystick controller rather than touch screen and tried to make the controls as dynamic and expressive as possible.

Over the years I have made a few functioning versions of the game and then decided to change something or add something to the controls.

Such as making it fully symetrical, emergently physics based rather than hard coded movement, adding spin, making it so you have air control, making it so that you push into platforms to remain stuck to them.




Quantum Recursion allows for the contents of Rolling Renegade to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Rolling Renegade is legally & explicitly allowed by Quantum Recursion. 

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