Rolling Renegade

Rolling Renegade is a fast-paced physics-based 2d platformer game. I have designed the controls to be a new type of platformer game, with perfect symmetrical controls to be the most dynamic platformer possible.

You play as a circle character who can roll at high speeds around 360 degrees of platforms while keeping you 100% in control.

The controls are finally feeling like I imagined they should, but they still need a bit of tweaking. Your feedback could help me make them perfect. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

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Ludic Shape Dimensions

This is a side project I have worked on as a creative outlet for when Rolling Renegade was being stale and I was stalling. It grew out of thinking about 2d character moving through a 3d world across a 2d plane. It seems I am only capable of making games about shapes at the moment, but as a solo developer whose not an artist at all, it is out of necessity. But luckily for me, I think that abstract things can be just as beautiful as anything else, just look at fractals like the Mandelbrot.

Since this game is just a side project I haven’t got much information about it right now, but legend says that if you think like Mario you can find a demo for a special level on this website if you go up one level.



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