ProtoShape 2D is great asset for making quick 2d levels. I use it for platforms in Rolling Renegade.
Shaper 2d is tool for making procedural 2d shapes. I use it for making procedural spikes and other things in Rolling Renegade.
Flax Fx 2d Effects is a small collection of effects. I use it for the sun rays effect when starting and completing levels in Rolling Renegade.
Shapes 2d is a free tool for making 2d shapes.
Ferr2d Terrain Tool is very good tool similar to Unitys own Spite shape but better for making interestingly shaped levels. If I made a game not abstract I would use this for designing levels.
Shapes  is an asset from Freya Holmér which I don’t own yet because its a little expensive. But it looks fantastic and worth the money. I’ll probably buy it soon.
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